Magazine without Referees

In this magazine there is no Referee Committee that deals with the evaluation of the articles. All articles are published that use the scientific method or which, however, address, in a rational and documented, a theme in the context of Cognitive Science. In fact, the authors themselves are to represent the perspective of an Editing Board Open and Free without filters on the works. They will then readers through a free peer to peer evaluation to post comments, observations or other papers in response to those published. In this way you will not put obstacles to know and to possible innovations is most conducive to incremental process of InterKnowledge.


To date have presented the following work or collaboration Contributors:

  • Riccardo CAPOZZI - Psychologist Psychotherapist
  • Luigina MALERBA - Psychologist Psychotherapist
  • Fiorella LICATA - Psychologist Sessuologa
  • Fernanda SOLORZANO - Lawyer Translator

Those who intend to cooperate voluntarily and free of charge to InterConoscenza can send an e-mail with your C.V.



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