The basic idea is to promote InterKnowledge want to believe that knowledge is not only the product of individual skills, certainly important, but also the result of interpersonal relationships that everyone builds in your life. This hypothesis on the relational nature of knowledge not only considers the affective aspects, which are essential in the communication dynamics of every relationship, but places particular emphasis on the role of cognitive factors in the report. So you want to highlight how our ability to think and come up with ideas is not the result of some unpredictable individual inspiration, but the result of complex cognitive exchanges that have made it possible for a person to imagine a new road.

Editorial plan

The goal InterKnowledge intends to pursue as a new journal of cognitive science is to provide an open space for interdisciplinary reflection. Every researcher of the workings of the mind can bring their work so participate in the collective construction of knowledge. Of course you will give greater emphasis on psychology and psychotherapy, however, will be greatly appreciated contributions from sociology, education sciences, anthropology, epistemology and all those research areas that contribute to the study of cognitive functions. The scientific approach that seeks to valorise InterKnowledge is not a method to prevail over others, believing that knowledge is an extended concept and not reducible to a single analytical perspective. So will be well received both experimental and clinical studies and observational studies, with particular reference to the theory that, too often, is to be put into the background to the publication of empirical results. The editorial project will be carried out along three lines: inter-disciplinary and inter-intermetodologico, just in order to foster knowledge sharing and interdimensional of the human mind, thus creating a place of real InterKnowledge.

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