Open Access

In this magazine supports open access to knowledge designed to enhance any form of scientific knowledge in the study of the human mind, regardless of disciplinary and institutional affiliation. It is believed that knowledge is a valuable asset that goes as much as possible and shared increased, developing all kinds of communication and collaboration. In this way to promote free inquiry, open and democratic, that is an "open research" is our guiding principle, the founding of the same term InterKnowledge. This magazine therefore adheres to the philosophy of the magazines "open access" offering each researcher the opportunity to publish their work in order to make them accessible to all readers.

Intellectual Property

All articles are the property of their authors. They are freely reproducible in any form, but on two conditions: they are not used for profit and the authors and the journal are always indicated.

Those who intend to work voluntarily and without payment to InterConoscenza can send an e-mail with your CV.


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